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Cheap US Grown Tobacco Products | Smoke Popsi Tobacco

U.S.–grown tobacco is the primary ingredient in our premium tobacco products.

We try to strike a reasonable balance between providing detailed information about the ingredients in our products while protecting our proprietary recipes from disclosure to competitors. 

On this webpage, you’ll find lists of flavorings and other ingredients for Philip Morris USA’s products sold in the U.S. You’ll also find a list identifying ingredients at levels of 0.1% or more of the weight of the column of tobacco in each cigarette product, organized by brand name. 

Cigarette Tobacco & Flavor Ingredients

This list includes ingredients in all of PM USA’s cigarette products. Not all of the ingredients in this list are present in each cigarette product, and no particular cigarette product contains all of the ingredients.

For each ingredient, this alphabetical list includes: 

  • the “quantity not exceeded” (calculated from the highest level of use in a single cigarette and expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the tobacco); and
  • the function of the ingredient.

We have chosen to provide a single list rather than a list for each cigarette product to avoid disclosing to our competitors the specific flavorings that give each cigarette product its own unique flavor, taste and aroma.

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