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How do I receive customer assistance? We are here to assist you with your purchase. If you have a question regarding any of the products on our website. And for any Terms & Conditions a question regarding your order. Just need additional information. So please contact us by clicking here to open the Contact Us web form. As well as calling us on +1 (551) 900-2901

Age Restrictions.

To become a customer of our online cigarette store you must be at least 18 years old. As well as 18 years is age restriction.

Tobacco Quality Terms & Conditions.

Cigarettes and Cigar offered at this website are manufactured in  Europe and Central -south America. And as well as comply with all standards and regulations adopted there.

Delivery Time.

The official delivery time-frame is 2-7 business days. And as well as tracking number will be issued. However in most cases parcels are delivered within 2-3 days. So If you do not receive your parcel within 7 weeks, So please inform us. As well as we will track your order and make our best to find your parcel. If by any chance your parcel got lot in transit. We will immediately reship your cigarettes. As well as  or to issue a full refund for the purchased merchandise including delivery cost.

Shipping Address Terms & Conditions.

We kindly ask you to specify your shipping address accurately. So that the parcel reaches its final destination. If by any chance a mistake occurred, Inform us as soon as possible. In case the parcel is already shipped to the wrong shipping address. More-ever it will be probably returned to us. We will proceed according to our policy. And as well as refund your money for the purchased merchandise excluding the shipping cost Terms & Conditions .

Chargeback Policy.

In case by any chance your parcel lost in transit. We kindly ask you to contact us immediately. So  we will resolve the problem in a shortest possible time. Please do not cancel the transaction by filing a dispute with your credit card company. Considering the fact that parcels are coming from Eastern Europe and as well as Central Asia, possible delays may occur. However our customer support agents will do the best to resolve your problem. It must be mentioned. That we are forced to refuse future orders from customers. Who initiated or attempted to initiate chargeback procedure. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated.